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How It Works

Getting Started Is Quick & Easy

Contact us by email and describe your items. It’s ok if you feel like you only have a few items to sell. It’s also OK, if you feel like you have a ton to sell, let’s talk about it! 

Tailored Services

We’re not a physical shop to visit, we’re more like a broker. Today’s technology gives us the ability to market your items to a larger audience. You will know the physical location of your items are stored at all times.

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Pickups / Shipping

If you are local, you can schedule with us to pickup your approved items. Otherwise you must pay to ship your items to us! We also help you sell from your location.

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Basic Terms

Consignment terms are for 90 days at an pre-agreed price. If no sale occurs,  then a 30 day extension offering a 20% retail discount applies. There are various places where we market your items. Our consignment fee is 30% of the final sales price.


Getting Paid

Once the sale closes and the buyer has recieved your item, you will be paid within 3-5 business days. Or if you like, we can set you up an online shop of your very own, where you handle the sale, shipping and the money goes directly into your own account!


Schedule a Consultation Today

We answer qwik questions by email. If you prefer to have a conversation with one of our LOCAL team members, that is great too! Just leave us a message and we will get back with you quickly.

Pricing Info

1. Our rates are subject to change at anytime, without any notice.

2. We must approve all items that will be listed on our platform.

3. Our service is geared toward selling UNIQUE ITEMS

We Offer Local Delivery Options Too!

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