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Dog Walking

Schedule us to stop by and spend some time with your best friend! A typical visit lasts atleast 20 minutes and we will take them on a potty break, make sure they have fresh water and clean up any accidents.


Dog Park Day

Schedule your pup a one hour adventure! We will load them up and take them to play at a park close by your home and then return them safely. We make sure they will get fresh water and will also send you a video!


Pet Courier

We can chaueeffer your fuzzy friend to the vet, to the salon or to see you at work should you choose! We love animals and will send you a video when they get where they are going as well as offer a full update of the adventure when it’s all complete. Time spent after 1 hour is re-billed to you in 15 minute increments.


Doggie Day Care

We will care for your dog for an 8 hour period during the day light hours. That can be arranged in your home or at the location of one of our pet sitters. You will be able to Facetime with your pooch once during the session so you both know you will be happy for the day!

$100/day/dog + Sitter Tip

Overnight Slumber Parties too

Contact us for pricing and referral information for this service.


Dog Owner Reviews

“Belle and Skeeter sure do appreciate the time the folks at QwikThat spend with them. Their mid day potty breaks are a perfect diversion till I get back home in the evening.” – Vanessa, Wesley Chapel, NC

“My dog Leo is a ball full of energy. He looks forward to his daily visit with Chuck. I suggest you call the team over at QwikThat today!”  Dan, South Charlotte

“I had too many commitments this week and fluffy really needed a visit with the veterinarian. The team at QwikThat was fast to respond to my inquiry and she is now feeling much better.” Lois, Marvin, NC

Looking For A Professional?

Our staff has been personally caring for animals for over 50 years. We love them and treat them like they are our own children and they will have a blast while they are with us!

Get in Touch By Phone Or email

If you have some quick questions or ANY additional request, please feel free to call or email us through this website. Our staff is highly trained to help you and your animals in many ways. Take a look around the rest of our site to check out our other helpful services.


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